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Trap Neuter Release

We believe strongly in serving the outdoor cat population of Ohio. Community cats are comprised of friendly strays and feral cats who've often never lived indoors. We meet all cats where they are and never force a cat to live indoors who wouldn't be happy doing so. 

But community cats can cause a major problem: MORE community cats. In order to stop the cycle of outdoor cats, we trap community cats, take them to low-cost spay and neuter clinics, and re-release them once they have recovered from the procedure.

We typically work with individual colonies, or large groups of cats, at a time in order to make the biggest impact possible. This allows us to trap multiple cats and get them the care they need, including any medical treatment including rabies vaccines and any other urgent medical care.

Do you have a colony of cats near you? Do you feed an outdoor cat that you believe to be unfixed? Give us a shout and let's connect!

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